In the presentation we help pre-retirees and retirees towards a retirement that is truly worth living. Here, we unveil the secrets to achieving fulfillment in this remarkable phase of life.

Employers and Community groups should consider having this presentation for their staff or members to ensure we are as well-prepared for retirement as we can be. By promoting holistic retirement planning and the pursuit of a retirement worth living, this talk will boost morale when many are anxious over this next stage, enhance their financial wellness, and ultimately, lead to a better and more prepared society.

In this inspirational new talk, Marc’s audience will see:

  • Discover Your Next Challenge
  • Building Your New Community
  • Prioritise Your Health
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Financial Security

Investing in retirement readiness is not just about taking care of employees’ futures; it’s also a strategic move for creating a motivated, dedicated team. Invite me to the stage, and together, we’ll unleash the power of the third act, where a retirement worth living awaits.

This presentation can be adapted for in-person, hybrid or virtual conferences, either as a keynote or with the option to include a half day workshop program.