Ah, the jingle of bells, the sweet smell of gingerbread (my daughter does it better than anyone else I know), and the twinkling lights that transform ordinary streets into magical wonderlands – you definitely know it’s Christmas, only thing is, it’s also beach weather and down under, I feel we have the best of both worlds.

While I always enjoy talking and writing about money, some might be surprised at the connection between Christmas and money, so let’s take a moment to appreciate how these two elements can team up to create memories that can last a lifetime.

Gift of Giving Love:

Picture this: You carefully wrap a present, tie a bow (badly), and see the joy in your loved one’s eyes as they tear into it. Sure, it’s about the thought, but let’s not forget the joy money can bring when it helps us find that perfect gift. These moments of giving become snapshots, forever etched in our memories.

Children and Christmas Magic:

For children, Christmas morning is like stepping into a fairy tale. It was always my favourite time even though it seemed to get earlier each year the children got older but the ripping of wrapping paper, the gasps of delight – these is childhood magic at its best. Money plays a supporting role here, helping turn wishes into reality. It’s also the shared excitement between grandparents, parents and children, that makes these memories last, as the children grow.

Generosity in Action:

Beyond our own joy, Christmas spending opens doors for generosity. Whether it’s buying a toy for a child in need, supporting a local charity or getting stuck in, just helping out where you can, the ripple effect is heartwarming, and can be the best part of Christmas as means so much to those receiving the generosity.

Experience Beats Things:

Let’s not forget the joy of experiences. Sure, presents are fantastic, but so is a fun, family movie night with popcorn, a picnic at the beach, or a kitchen filled with the aroma of holiday baking (ahh, the turkey and ham), brilliant.

Spreading Holiday Cheer:

Think of Christmas spending as a small economic fairy wand. Your contributions help local businesses thrive, and coming out of Covid, you only have to speak to a local business owner and how your business means so much. Especially when this time of year, many leave the local area and so local businesses really appreciate the support you can provide.

So, here’s to a wonderful mixture of Christmas and money, creating memories and experiences that last (especially longer than some of those dodgy toys that are on the shelves this time of year). It’s not about extravagance, or going overboard with your spending, it’s more about the joy we can spread, the love we share, the giving back and the magical moments we can create. Cheers to you and your family for a Christmas filled with warmth, laughter, and memories that last a lifetime!


Article by Marc Bineham – Money coach, speaker and award-winning author of The Money Sandwich