Since COVID, Australia has gone from one disaster to the next, cost of living increases, interest rate rises – it’s no surprise that burnout, fatigue and stress, especially financial stress, is making us all far less productive, and happiness levels at an all-time low. Understanding the signs and symptoms of this widespread issue is the crucial first step towards reclaiming control over our work, our finances, and ultimately, our lives.

In Marc Bineham’s captivating new talk, “Surviving Burnout: The Signs, The Symptoms, and The Solutions,” he empowers his audiences to work, not out of necessity but with passion and purpose, and to live a life worth living.

In this inspirational new talk, Marc’s audience will see:

  • Uncover the roots of burnout, understanding why it has taken hold in our lives.
  • Confront life’s primary stressors head-on, armed with newfound resilience and clarity.
  • Delve into the crucial realm of financial wellbeing and its profound impact on overall happiness.
  • Discover practical solutions to restore peace of mind and reignite passion in both work and life.
  • Learn how to foster empowerment within teams, creating a culture of support and growth.
  • Chart a course towards a future brimming with vitality and fulfillment.

Marc Bineham, a leading financial wellbeing speaker and an award-winning author, strives to empower audiences to live their very best life. After over 10,000 financial conversations over 3 decades, what Marc has learnt boils down to that money is only a very small part of the conversation. What’s most important to achieve a happier and more productive life starts with changing mindset and focusing on your future wellbeing. With Marc’s guidance, audiences are not merely surviving—they’re thriving, poised to embrace their fullest potential and embrace a future rich in possibility.

This presentation can be adapted for in-person, hybrid or virtual conferences, either as a keynote or with the option to include a half day workshop program.