The three key ‘Money Shifts’ we all need to know about!

Just as the smartphone has changed the world forever, so has the rules around money. To thrive in the 21st century, especially in terms of enhancing your financial well-being and happiness, it’s crucial we need to understand what the new rules are.

Most of us are at the mercy of money rather than being the master of our money. How good would it be, improving your relationship with money and importantly, that money used correctly, can absolutely buy you happiness.

In this inspirational new talk, Marc’s audience will see:

  • The rules have changed for the 21st century
  • Money equals Emotions, it was never about maths
  • We all have Goals and Dreams, what’s your BHAG?

Imagine a world where instead of wasting so much time and energy stressing over money, this could be re-focused instead on connecting better with each other, to giving back and making this world a better place, well that’s a world Marc is committed to creating.

This presentation can be adapted for in-person, hybrid or virtual conferences, either as a keynote or with the option to include a half day workshop program.