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CTRL Shift Enter: Re-take control in Today’s Uncertain World!

Even before COVID, our teams have felt overwhelmed, stressed and that we’ve lost control. We need to realise there’s been a shift in the way we all work. We’ve entered a new era and for those that seize this new opportunity, and understand we can take back control, will not just survive but thrive in this new world.

How to buy happiness:
Unlocking the 3 key money shifts
TEDx Talk

 Through the FUTUREself Pathway Program, audiences will be empowered and given the tools to build happier, more productive, and financially well lives.

Surviving Burnout: The Signs, The Symptoms & The Solutions

Burnout, fatigue, and stress are becoming more common. That is why understanding the signs is the first step toward regaining control over your work, finances, and life.

Balancing Love and Money:
How Financial Stress Impacts Work and Relationships

Financial stress is a shadow that often haunts our dreams and aspirations, and can have profound implications on both a personal and professional level.

Unleashing Your Third Act: 6 Keys to a Retirement Worth Living

In the presentation we help pre-retirees and retirees towards a retirement that is truly worth living.

Wealth & Wellness: 7 Steps to Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is a key factor in leading a happy and fulfilled life. It not only alleviates money stress but also positively impacts all areas of your life.

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