Financial stress is a shadow that often haunts our dreams and aspirations, and can have profound implications on both our personal relationships and professional performance.

In this presentation, Marc will explore the intricate relationship between love and money and within this challenge lies an opportunity, shedding light on how financial stressors can affect our personal relationships and professional lives, and how they can be overcome.

Our presentation offers invaluable insights into the interplay between financial stress, work performance, and personal relationships. By attending, employers can gain a deeper understanding of how to support their staff in managing financial stress, ultimately leading to a more engaged and productive workforce. Employees, on the other hand, will discover strategies to navigate financial challenges in their relationships and find ways to maintain a healthy balance between love and money.

In this inspirational new talk, Marc’s audience will see:

  • The Link Between Finances and Relationships
  • Understanding Workplace Productivity and Financial Stress
  • Practical Solutions for Peace of Mind
  • How to empower your Teams
  • Tackling Life’s Primary Stressor
  • Employer’s wellbeing opportunity

In our modern world, where financial concerns are prevalent, this presentation offers practical solutions for both employers and employees, ultimately enhancing both the workplace environment and personal lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on the important issue of balancing love and money.

This presentation can be adapted for in-person, hybrid or virtual conferences, either as a keynote or with the option to include a half day workshop program.