Motivating and Empowering Audiences to Take Back Control!

In today’s changing landscape, leaders and teams are navigating uncertainty, COVID’s aftermath, lack of productivity and technology overload – most just feel overwhelmed, drained and with a sense of having lost control.

When burnout and stress is at peak levels for leaders at 70% and their staff at 58%, we just need to understand we can do better and importantly, there are new rules to play by.

Marc Bineham for three decades has empowered over 10,000 people to take back control of their lives and finances. This framework has proven equally effective in business, enhancing productivity, driving culture and helping leaders and teams go from survive to thrive.

Marc is proud to have worked with and been seen on:

Imagine starting your week with a clear plan, being able to stay focused and achieving your goals by Friday. We just need to understand how to harness our strengths, stay motivated and tackle these modern challenges head on. This sense of freedom, efficiency and choice is all within your reach. How good would that be!

CTRL Shift Enter: Re-take control in Today’s Uncertain World!

Even before COVID, our teams have felt overwhelmed, stressed and that we’ve lost control. We need to realise there’s been a seismic shift in the way we all work, overwhelmed with e-commerce, email and the smart phone. We’ve entered a new era and for those that seize this new opportunity, and understand we can take back control, will not just survive but thrive in this new world.

Key themes from Marc Bineham’s ‘CTRL Shift Enter’ talk: